Tree Surgery

Damien Mc Carthy Landscape provides clients all over Dublin with the very best in professional tree surgery.
Trees can become overgrown and can spoil the exterior aesthetic of a garden or a green area. Older trees can also pose a serious risk to individuals, especially during poor weather conditions.
Our service involves our team of professional landscapers coming to a client’s property and assessing one or multiple trees. We use a safe pulley and rope system to scale large trees and remove problem, overhanging branches. We can also completely remove trees from a property along with their stumps.
We dispose of all organic material responsibly.

To discuss your tree surgery requirements, get in contact with Damien Mc Carthy Landscape today.

The Importance of Tree Health

Tree Surgery is much more than the pruning and removal of trees. A professional tree surgeon can identify issues with the tree’s growth and remove problem areas that may be aversively affecting the tree’s health.
The soil around the tree can be accessed to ensure the tree is receiving all its necessary nutrients. We also assess the integrity of the tree's roots to ensure the tree isn’t in danger of being blown over.
Our tree surgery service improves the health of trees whilst improving their presentation.

For the best in professional tree surgery, get in contact with Damien Mc Carthy Landscape today.