Hedge Cutting

Damien Mc Carthy Landscape provides clients all over Dublin with fast, reliable, and professional hedge cutting.
More than just managing overgrowth, hedge cutting is vital in the maintenance of the overall aesthetic of a garden or green area.
All the hedges in a garden need to be trimmed to the exact same length to retain the overall design cohesion of the garden.
Our hedge cutting service ensures that a garden is maintained to the very highest of professional standards.
Hedge cutting is good for the overall health of the hedge, encourage new growth, whole removing black or dead leaves that may be spoiling the aesthetic of the green area.

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Our Commercial Hedge Cutting Service

The external aesthetic of your business premise is just as important as the interior. A poorly maintained garden with dying, overgrown hedges can communicate a poor message to potential clients.
As such, it is important to maintain your green area to the highest of professional standards.
We provide businesses with our professional commercial hedge cutting service. We are available for once off maintenance services or for more permanent contractual arrangements.
Our commercial hedge cutting service communicates positive messages about a business to potential clients and business partners.

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