Additional Services

Damien Mc Carthy Landscape provides for customers a range of additional services to complement our landscaping and groundworks. All our services are available to both domestic and residential clients and are designed to work in conjunction with each other. We always strive to offer customers the convenience of a complete service.

Septic Tanks

We provide customers with a range of services related to Septic tank installation, septic tank digging and septic tank installation. We offer a full range of options and are available to advise what the best tank is for your home or business.
As an environmentally conscious company we provide a range of green septic tank options.

Get in contact with Damien Mc Carthy Landscape today to learn more about our septic tank cleaning services.


For customers all over Dublin, Wexford and Kildare we provide a drainage options for properties. Our French drains ensure optimum drainage for properties. We supply all pipes and stone.

To find out if French Drains are right for your property get in contact with Damien Mc Carthy Landscape today.


For domestic and commercial properties, we provide clients with a range of fencing options. We supply and install

  • Boundary Fencing

  • Security Fencing

  • Metal Fencing

  • Steel Mesh Fencing

  • Agricultural fencing

Whether your fencing needs, be it domestic, commercial industrial or agricultural Damien Mc Carthy Landscape will have the right solution for your property.

Get in contact now and let us advise you on the right fencing solution for your property.

Mulching/Log Splitting

If you have green waste cluttering your property, Damien Mc Carthy Landscape can offer a dedicated mulching service. This service turns green waste into valuable plant food that can be used to optimise flower and tree growth.
For larger green waste like logs and stumps, we have a log splitting service that converts this nuisance wood into easy to manage firewood.